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Laurel & James,
You are truly the luckiest people in the world!  Your home is beautiful and your island is paradise.  We will miss it until our next visit.  Thank you for helping us plan this adventure.  We had an amazing time.
All the best,
Patty, Chris, Bella & Charley
Chicago, Illinois

Fiona & Dushan,
Our Experience on Moorea would not have been the same without you.  You are wonderful tour guides!  We had so much fun spending time with you.  Bella & Charley loved hanging out with you.  It would’ve been an entirely different experience without you.  -- Thank you!
Come to Chicago to visit.
Stay sweet & have fun,
Patty, Chris, Bella & Charley
Chicago, Illinois

Dear Laurel, James, Fiona & Dushan,
Mauruuru for your wonderful hospitality.  Sneha will surely miss the kids!  We found Moorea truly enchanting, a perfect piece of paradise.  We especially enjoyed our visit to the motus and James’ family was wonderful also.  Thank you for all the recommendations.  Your suggestions were wonderful.  Thank you for the fresh flowers on the bed.  Te Nunoa is truly a unique and delightful place.  We carry back fond memories with us!
Sneha, Shwetha,  Sundar, Sujatha

Laurel, James, Fiona, Dushan & dogs,
Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality!  The fresh flowers daily were nice and all of your recommendations were excellent.  We really appreciate you taking the time to teach us about your beautiful island too.  The “private” beach by the church was simply amazing!  We enjoyed being the only couple out there.  :-)
Thank you falso for letting us use your bikes too!  Very helpful.
Thank you again for everything.
Best Wishes,
Collin & Catherine
Sacramento, CA

Laurel & James
Te Nunoa is the perfect home away from home.  Gorgeous and peaceful, this has been an amazing week.  Our honeymoon couldn’t be more perfect.  We will miss the dogs, Fiona & Dushan and the most relaxing spot — the hammock.  
Laurel, we really appreciate all the advise & tips you have given us, definitely made our trip better.  The relaxing atmosphere here is incredible.  We hope to take a bit of that home with us.
Thank you for everything.
Kelly & Ryan
Estacada, Oregon

Laurel & James,
Thank you for making our stay delightful!
Heloisa & Felipe

Dear James, Laurel, Fiona, Dushan, pups & kitties....
We can’t even begin to express what a wonderful time we had in French Polynesia & Te Nunoa!  We truly appreciate your hospitality & guidance of the Tahitian ways (i.e. Buying fish on the street and preparing poisson cru :-) ) This vacation has been an experience we will never forget and we look forward to our next trip very soon.  Seeing your family really helped introduce us to the culture here.
Fiona:  Thank you again for inviting us to your performance — it was excellent!
Dushan:  Remember that you can only use those martial arts moves on bad, mean people (NOT Fiona)!!! :-)
Thank you James for the terrific tattoos!  We will definitely be back for more and would love to see you if you come to the States!
Jason & Jen
Valley Springs, CA

Laurel, James, the family & the pups,
Thanks so much for your hospitality!  Te Nunoa has been fantastic and we are sad to leave but feel refreshed and ready to plan our next getaway.  Hopefully when we come back, the “compound” will be finished.  There is no doubt that the end result will be fantastic.  The view from your bathroom will indeed be incredible.
Thanks for the memories — I am no Tahitian but I now have faith that when tsunami alarms sound, first watch the chickens.
Nadiyah & John

Dear Laurel & James,
Excuse my English but I try....
It was a wonderful time in you lodge.  Very nice and quite.  A paradise!
We can’t say we come back but I dream so!!
Have a nice life with your family.
We kiss you,
Ann Marie & Stephan

Dear James, Laurel, Fiona, Dushan, Miss Lucie, Tupai, Puka, Faati, Buddy, Pateri, Roosters + Chooks
Thew WHOLE thing was amazing.  From organizing our other stays around Tahiti to the uber relaxing Te Nunoa with it’s chilled out vibe with a touch of family love — our incredible late honeymoon (with a 2 year old) has been worth the wait!!
The beach is beautiful, the sunset is beautiful, the bungalow is beautiful, you guys are beautiful — you get the picture?
And so, you have to come to New Zealand on day.  We’ll hook you up!
Meanwhile, we’re coming back....
Pat, Jada + Kanoa
Auckland, New Zealand

Thank you so much for everything.  You have a very beautiful place here.  We really enjoyed our time.  You have a piece of paradise.
Thanks again for your hospitality, good luck with your new house!
Take care,
Meg & Scott
Calgary, Canada

Laurel & James,
Thank you so much for the wonderful time at your bungalow.  Randi & I have had such a good week cruising around this perfect island.  You and your family have been so friendly and we appreciate tall the guidance...  We hope to come back again soon but in the meantime, if you need anything back in the US, let us know — really.  Our home in San Diego is open to you any time.
Mauruuru Roa.  We can’t wait to come back!
Mike & Randi

Dearest  Laurel James, Fiona, Dushan, the 4-legged welcoming committee and even the 2-legged alarm clocks!
We cannot thank you all enough for the most fantastic vacation of our lives.  We truly appreciate the recommendations, suggestions, conversations and especially Adam’s tattoo!  We have both come away with so much on which to reflect and share with our friends and family.  Te Nunoa holds a very special place in our hearts and we thank you again for sharing it with us
Best Wishes,
Jimmie & Adam
Seattle, WA

Laurel & James (and the doggies) ,
Thank you for this wonderful time, its’ been fantastic to stay at your bungalow.  We wish you the best luck in building your home, hope we can see it someday if we ever come back to this little piece of Private Paradise.
Best Regards,
David & Itxazne
Bilbao, Spain

James & Laurel,
We had a fantastic honeymoon here in your little paradise!  Thank you for being so welcoming & helping to make our stay comfortable.  The bungalow was perfect!  We enjoyed making meals here.  The daily flowers were a nice touch & the fruit was very good!  I can’t believe we ate all those bananas :-)  Your dogs were so cute – daily visits at our doorstep, and Buddy making sure we got to the market & beach OK.  We enjoyed having the beach mostly to ourselves and the snorkeling was great!  We had fun with the kayak too.  James – thank you for doing such an amazing job on our tattoos!!  We got several compliments that day as we toured Moorea – we might have even sent you some business!f  Thanks again for making our honeymoon a trip we will never forget.  Best of luck to you both on your future plans.  Hope we get to visit again!!  :-)
John & Jennifer

Aloha Laurel, James and Family,
Thank you so much for making our first family vacation such a memorable one.  We had an amazing time, from the snorkeling to the motu to the Belvedere.  But most of all, we will remember Te Nunoa.  The place where we lived luxuriously while experiencing some of what Moorea is all about.  This is truly a unique place.

Nicholas also wants to say that he loved all of the doggies — especially PukaPuka — and the chickens.  I think he will miss them most.

Best of luck on your new home.  We look forward to scoming back someday, maybe with a little sisier or brother for Nico — we’ll look out for turtles!

Mahalo & Ahola,
Mike, Kari & Nicolas

Deal Laurel, James & Family,
Thanks for everything!  Te Nunoa was an amazing last stop on our honeymoon & we can’t wait to hear about the progress on the new bungalows.

We had such a great time exploring Moorea (drove around the whole island at least 3 times) and all your recommendations were perfect!

All the best.

Tanya & Blake
San Francisco

James & Laurel!!
What to say?!  Our time here in this sweet little garden bungalow was simply amazing.  It was a marvelous place to start our honeymoon & life together & your hospitality & daily service (flowers, clean towels, dishes, etc) was special & quite noticed & appreciated.  Our snorkeling & ray feeding was a huge highlight (esp for Tony) and all your recommendations & advice on life in Moorea was great.  Fiona & Dushan — we didn’t spend much time with you but you two are special & quite a delight to meet.  We will definitely recommend Te Nunoa to our friends & family back in the “heartland” of the USA :-)
Blessings on your family.
Mauruuru & Nana!!
Tony & Erika
New Lebanon, Ohio

Almost everything was like in a dream.
Thank you or Mauruuru,
Budapest, Hungary

Dear Laurel & James & kids,
We loved our stay at Te Nunoa — it was the perfect end to our Tahitian holiday!  Thank you so much for all your help & hospitality.  Hopefully we will be back one day to see how your new house turns out!
Spade & Susi
Miami, Florida

Dear James, Laurel, Fiona & Dushan,
Each time we stay at Te Nunoa, it just gets better.  You & your family made this an amazing stay.  I can’t think of a better way to start our Christmas holiday then to spend time with you.
Thanks for a fantastic time,
Doug & James
San Francisco

Dear Laurel, James, Fiona & Dushan,
Thank you so much for your wonderful hospitality and for sharing your beautiful home with us.  We had a very special time here and will take back wonderful memories.  And when we’re trudging through the snow back home, we can remember Te Nunoa & Moorea with fondness.  Thanks for all your help and advice, which made our stay even better.
Liliana + Vitomir
Toronto, Canada

Dear Laurel, James, Dushan, Buddy, Lucy, and all others we forgot......
We had a pretty great time here, maybe also we were able to enjoy the wonderful bungalow for full due to two days of rain.  ;-)
We wish you all the best for your future plans, as we also think that family owned and operated tourists bungalows are the concept for sustainable tourism, not only on Moorea but in the whole French Polynesia for the future.

Thank you for providing us a nice time here.  Until our return we will also consider getting tattooed.  :-)

Marie & Lucia
(Austria & Slovakia)

We have had a wonderful time here at Te Nunoa.  The island is beautiful.  Thank you for your hospitality and the french stick!
Mary & Paul

Dear Laurel & James,
We really enjoyed our stop on Moorea at Te Nunoa.  The bungalow is just perfect for that what we need, could cook, hanging around, do nothing, etc.  Now we are ready to go to south east Asia and more traveling.  The scuba diving was also a good experience.  Thanks for your help and the awesome tattoo.
Stefan & Maude
Zurich, Switzerland

Paradise is usually associated with a place of immense beauty, serenity + bounty.  But we also think that implied in the word paradise is a sense of “homecoming.”  Te Nunoa, especially because of the Samuela family, definitely fulfills all these attributes.  Thank you Laurel & James, but a special thanks ro Dushan & Fiona for providing paradise with just the right touch of innocent exuberance.  And don”t forget all the doggies who came to visit and to play with us everyday
Robin & Nijole
Vancouver, Canada

Mauruuru.  Thanks.  Merci.  Gracias, for making our stay unforgettable!!  This place is so beautiful but you made it even more.
Merci, Bisous,
Iris & Miguel
Alicante, Spain

Dear Laurel & James,
Thank you so much for a quiet and beautiful place to stop on the way to Australia. (Quiet apart from the a.m. Rooster chorus that is — but that adds color)!
We especially liked;
The dogs
Swimming in the coral garden
Eloise at the store (very helpful)
French wine, brie, bagguetts
The bike ride to Le Petit Village
The show at Tiki Village (WOW)!
This our pre-honeymoon too — we are to be married on March 20th!
Thanks again,
Rob & Vivian
Temple, New Hampshire

Dear Laurel, James, Fiona, Dushan
(and Lucy, Tupai, FatiFati & Buddy)
Staying here at Te Nunoa was a wonderful way to start off our dream honeymoon.  It was nice to be away from other tourists at the resorts.  Every time we went to the beach, we had the whole ocean to ourselves.  Thank you so much for your hospitality — we truly enjoyed our stay in your great bungalow.

Thanks Laurel, for working out our itinerary and for trading countless emails with me.
Me Ke aloha no mai Haawaii,
Justin & Cheryl

Thank you Laurel & James, Fiona & Dushan (the ninja),
We had a wonderful time here in Te Nunoa and leave here with so many wonderful memories — of the gorgeous scenery, wonderful food and lovely people.  Thank you for being the perfect hosts to us.  We are counting the days until we return.  Best of luck with the house!
Brent & Brooke
Mission Viejo, California

James, Laurel, Fiona & Dushan, (also the dogs),
Thank you for your wonderful hospitality and for sharing a part of your home with us.  Thank you also for allowing us to share in the festivities of Fiona’s birthday.  

Thank you James for creating such a beautifu piece of art the Larry will carry with him for the rest of his life.  His tattoo will always remind us of our wonderful experience on Moorea.  The past two weeks here have been so relaxing and filled with priceless memories.
Larry & Brenda

Dearl Laurel, James, Fiona and Dushan,
We had an amazing time at Te Nunoa!
Thank you so much for making us feel at home in Moorea and for letting us use the kayak all week.  The surf was amazing and I will never forget the great vibe from the locals.  James, I hope the board treats you will and thanks again for the incredible tattoos!!  We will always cherish our time here and hope to be back someday.  You are all so lucky to live here!  Definitely let us know if you ever want to come and visit the Northeast, U.S.!
Gregg and Stephanie
Boston, MA

Laurel & James,
Thank you for being such wonderful hosts.  We loved the bungalow — it was a great beginning to our honeymoon.  
Audrey & Ali
San Francisco, CA

Mauruuru — Thank you — Gracias
We had a great time and we leave with beautiful memories of Moorea.  You have a beautiful place and feel blessed to have stayed in Te Nunoa.  A great way to start our honeymoon.
Natalia & David
Costa Rica

James & Laurel.
Thank you very much for being such great hosts.  We really enjoyed our stay.
Nancy & Steve
Los Angeles, CA

Dear Laurel & James,
Thanks for sharing a slice of the island life on Moorea with us!  We enjoyed our stay at Te Nunoa very much and will have fond memories, not just of the place but of the people.  
Most of all thank you for being as accessible and welcoming as you have been.  We love your aesthetics!
With much love,
Traslin & Kevin
New York/Singapore

Dear Laurel, James, the children, the doggies (especially Lucy aka Goldilocks), You all made us feel at home and like family members.  Thank you for showing us another side of paradise.
Hope we can join you again sometime in the future.
Bob & Peri
San Clemente, CA

Dear Laurel & James
We had a very nice stay here at Te Nunoa!  Thank you for all the good suggestions on what to do here in paradise island Moorea!  Is has been so nice to have a bungalow “of your own.”
Agneta & Lars
Stockholm, Sweden

Dear Laurel & family (and dogs),

Thank you so much for letting us stay at Te Nunoa.  It was a lovely base for us.  We very much enjoyed ourselves.  We will miss the nightly visits from Buddy and hope your next guests enjoy his company as much as we did.

Diving with the sharks was awesome but touching the silky sting rays was my highlight!

Best wishes,
Sarah & Lester

Mauru’uru mi e hoa!

Thank you so much for letting me spend a wonderful week in such a lovely paradise!  Thanks for sharing your friendship and hospitality with me!  

James thank you for the wonderful tattoo.  Moorea is the only place I’ve been that has given me a lasting reminder of the enjoyment I experienced!  Fiona & Dushan are great kids with great parents!  The dogs make this place so unique.... It was great being visited by Lucy everyday in the bungalow.

This place has brought peace and calm to me, something I haven’t felt in many years.  It will be difficult to return to Iraq, luckily it’s only for 2 more months!

Laurel, thank you so much for all the time and energy you’ve put into my travels....you have no idea how much I appreciate it!

Until next time,
Nana my friends!
(Port Ludlow, WA via Qayarrah, Iraq)

Laurel, James, Fiona and Batman,
We have greatly appreciated our few days together at Te Nunoa.  Thank you for your hospitality and sharing your home with us (and a few beers).  We loved the conversations.  May you have a wonderful year!
Jason & Sandy
Etters, PA

James and Laurel,
Thanks for an authentic Tahitian experience.  The kayak and snorkel to the motus was PERFECT!
We had a nice time.
Laura & Steve
Honolulu, HI

Dear Laurel and James
We spent awesome days at Te Nunoa — thank you so much for everything!  
Also yesterday’s cocktail party with the prince was unforgettable.  :-)
Good luck with the new bungalow.
Bern, Switzerland

Dear Samuela Family,
Thank you for an unforgettable experience. Thank you for making our honeymoon perfect.  We could not have asked for anything more.
Gabriel & Rosalyn,

James & Laurel,
This has totally been the most beautiful place we’ve ever seen.  Thanks so much for sharing paradise with us. Simply amazing!
Sal & Erica,
San Diego, CA

James, Laurel, kids, dogs, chickens, associates-
Thanks for an amazing time!
Will never forget!
Be back soon-
Miami, FL

Dear James, Laurel, Fiona & Dushan,
We want to thank you for another wonderful stay at Te Nunoa.  Once again we have had an amazing time...
We are already dreaming of our next trip!  The bungalow is so beautiful, but it’s your kindness and hospitality that really makes these trips unforgettable for us.  Thanks especially to Laurel for organizing our trip, a thanks to James (in advance) for future tattoos – no doubt there’ll be more (on Chris)!  Te Nunoa is so special to us - we couldn’t think of a better way to spend our days than hanging out with you all (dogs included)!  We are so excited to hear more about your plans for the future, and can’t wait to see them take shape.
All our love – we’ll miss you guys,
Chris & Pippa
Melbourne, Australia

Laurel, James & Family,
Thank you for your great hospitality.  We really enjoyed staying at Te Nunoa.  You were very helpful with all of our plans.
Best Wishes,
Dave & Noelle

Laurel, James, Dushan, Fiona, Dogs,
Thank you for everything!
It was like staying at our own house in Moorea...
We wish we had more time here and most important, we want to come back someday!
With love,
Your Brazilian Friends,
Marcus & Ana

James & Laurel,
We had a fantastic honeymoon here in your little paradise!  Thank you for being so welcoming & helping to make our stay comfortable.  The bungalow was perfect!  We enjoyed making meals here.  The daily flowers were a nice touch & the fruit was very good!  I can’t believe we ate all those bananas.  :-)  Your dogs were so cute — daily visits at our doorstep and buddy making sure we got to the market & beach OK.  We enjoyed having the beach mostly to ourselves & the snorkeling was great!  We had fun with the kayak too.  James – thank you for doing such an amazing job on our tattoos!!  We got several compliments that day as we toured Moorea.  We might have even sent you some business!  Thanks again for making our honeymoon a trip we will never forget.  Best of luck to you both on all your future plans.  Hope we get to visit soon.
Mauruuru roa,
John & Jennifer

My husband and I just spent the most wonderful vacation at Te Nunoa. We considered staying at a resort and now are so happy we didn't! Here, we got the luxury of a resort combined with the authentic Tahitian experience. The bungalow is gorgeous and offers top of the line comfort and amenities, from coconut oil in the bathroom to snorkeling gear and bikes. We felt like we had our own 'compound' in a great location in Moorea. We loved going to the beautiful beach across the street to watch the sunset while local fishermen fed the sting rays that came by, to return to the bungalow and grill the fresh fish we had bought at the market in the morning. Truly, and unforgettable experience. We can't wait to go back and bring the kids. Te Nunoa is a fantastic destination in Moorea, both for honeymooners and families.
Florencia & Eric
Menlo Park, California

Hi Laurel & James,

I just posted this on TripAdvisor:

This was the best place that we stayed at in Tahiti and feel that others should know.

We are a couple who stayed here for 5 nights in May 2008 and totally LOVED it! James and Laurel run this gorgeous place - a stand alone bungalow with it's own garden setting complete with chickens! check out the pics and the website (www.mooreabungalow.com) to see for yourself but this place really is fantastic. The bungalow has everything you could need including a giant bed, iPod dock, TV and DVD player, full kitchen facilities, a cute outdoor dining area complete with lanterns, new bathroom, hammock and outdoor furniture, bicycles, snorkels, a kayak to borrow for the beach across the road - it's all here! There's a daily maid service too so the place is kept very clean and tidy (and relatively sand-free!).

James and Laurel are both awesome hosts - James also performs Tattoos so you can get your "Island Ink" while you're there if you're up for it :) Laurel is American which is super helpful if you're French isn't so good. They both know the Island really well and can suggest good places for food, the best beaches and even family friends who can help you out. We kayaked over to a motu one day - Laurel not only booked the restaurant on the island for us, she also told us where we could hire a kayak to get over there (rather than forking out for a boat that only goes at certain times). The snorkeling by this Motu is BRILLIANT! Rivals the Great Barrier Reef - note down Motu Moea - you will not be disappointed.

The couple have two great kids and lots of dogs (I promise they are not scary - all really loving friendly dogs who LOVE getting pats and hugs!) so every day you come home feeling like you really came HOME. You are not without your privacy though, the bungalow is in it's own private area - totally fenced off with big gates so you can feel like you're in your own place completely.

We loved staying here for so many reasons - the bungalow feels luxurious and comfy, your hosts are very cool friendly people who make you feel totally welcome but leave you to do your own thing and it really feels like you're staying in paradise. The bungalow is situated on the less touristy part of the Island - not too many big resorts around! It's just down the road from the shops which is handy. We had a car the whole time we were there (which I would suggest but not a total must). We did a big grocery shop so we could cook dinner for ourselves and make picnics to take to the beach (just a 30 second walk across the road!) The rates are incredibly reasonable and this was by far THE BEST place we stayed (we also stayed in the Meridian Resort on Tahiti). After looking around Moorea this is THE place to stay on the Island - unless you want to pay $700+ a night - we decided to save our money for french wine and cold Island beers :)

We whole-heartedly recommend this place - and hope we get to go back again soon, it really is a wee slice of paradise.

Luke & Sarah
Auckland, New Zealand

Mauruuru roa to all at Te Nunoa!
Thank you for sharing your little corner of paradise with us. The bungalow is a delight and we leave “our” neighborhood with many fond memories. We’ll be very disappointed not to find Tahiti Drink in our supermarket in Boston!

Tania & Jack
Weston, MA

James & Laurel,
This place is SWEET! Te Nunoa was awesome as was your hospitality. We enjoyed our stay. Your bungalow and Moorea will always remain a special place in our memories! You guys were great. We loved your dogs and hope to visit your place again sometime. Truly paradise!

George & Sonia
Dallas, TX

Dear James & Laurel,
Thank you so much for a fantastic stay. Te Nunoa is gorgeous, comfortable and perfect! We hope to see you again sometime :-)

Rich & Sonal

Thanks to all of you @ Te Nunoa — doggies included.
The bungalow is beautiful and the bed was super comfortable. Jarred was very grateful for the use of the kayak. Ha’apiti is his new favorite surf break. We hope to return (someday) after the baby is born.

Take Care,
Jarred & Ann Marie
Denver, CO

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